Visitors & Peals

St Francis Xaviers Chruch in Liverpool is home to LUSCR, the Liverpool Universities Society of Change Ringers.

We welcome visiting bands who would like to visit the tower and for bands who wish to ring Peals or Quarter Peals, by request. To arrange a visit please contact our ringing master:, who can arrange for the tour to be opened and someone to introduce you.

We kindly ask that visiting bands, peal and quarter peal attempts make a small donation to our tower to help us ensure the bells are looked after for future ringers.

Suggested donations – Visiting Bands: £10, Quarter Peal Attempts: £1.50, Peal Attempts: £5.00


A Change of Ringing (Masters)

Friday 27th Feb was the first week with Louise as Ringing Master for LUSCR.

We had a good practise, continuing to progress our ringers, which was followed by a Social Evening.

Call for Quarters

We are currently organising a LUSCR Quarter Peal, primarily aimed at current students however we welcome all LUSCR members to be a part. We appreciate the regular help we receive at LUSCR and this is going to help us get the practise we need to make our quarter!

Death Announcement

The LUSCR committee extend their condolences to the family of  David Alecock who passed away on Monday 19th August 2013. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time.