2022 AGM Minutes


  1. Dan Jarvis
  2. Elis Farrell
  3. Andrew Rawlinson
  4. Hamish Corfield
  5. Tim Jones
  6. Richard Andrew
  7. Emma Bull
  8. Keith Lambert
  9. Peter Robson
  10. Len Mitchell
  11. David Thomas
  12. Peter Bennett
  13. Mike Pilgrim
  14. Ann Pilgrim
  15. Helen Lunn
  16. Carrie Hyde
  17. John Fraser
  18. Ernie de Legh-Runciman
  19. Lillian Halewood


  1. Rachel Stanley
  2. Julia Williams
  3. Peter Burgess
  4. Claire Mitchell
  5. Elizabeth Heaton

Liverpool Universities Society of Change Ringers Annual General Meeting – 20/02/2022

  1. Dan welcomed everyone to the meeting
  2. Minutes of the previous AGM were distributed prior to the meeting
    1. Ernie mentioned that the email did not reach everyone. This was acknowledged. It was also observed that they were also made available on the website and Facebook group and will be again this year
  3. Dan gave an update on the society since the last AGM noting the advancements made by resident members, being unable to practice at SFX, and the success of the Wednesday night practices at Penny Lane
  4. Elis summarised the Treasurers Report for the last two years
    1. 2 sets of accounts were included to cover 2020/2021, and 2021/2022
    1. Minimal income in 2020/2021
    1. Elis highlighted that an updated report would be distributed after the dinner had been accounted for
    1. The mascot was purchased for £28
    1. Peter Bennett asked what our financial liabilities were at SFX, and it was clarified that the societies responsibilities were only cosmetic.
  5. Andrew gave his General Secretaries Report, thanking everyone involved with helping organise it
    1. Peter enquired about menu cards for the dinner. It was mentioned that Graham was unable to do them as normal
  6. Dan then moved on to the election of new committee members:

Master: Helen Lunn

  • Proposed: Dan Jarvis
  • Seconded: Lillian Halewood

Deputy Master: Dan Jarvis

  • Proposed: Carrie Hyde
  • Seconded: Peter Robson

General Secretary: Emma Bull

  • Proposed: Dan Jarvis
    • Seconded: John Fraser

Treasurer: Elis Farrell

  • Proposed: Helen Lunn
  • Seconded: Lillian Halewood

Secretary: Hamish Corfield

  • Proposed: Lillian Halewood
  • Seconded: Dan Jarvis

CCCBR Representative: Martyn Bristow

  • Proposed: Peter Robson
  • Seconded: Richard Andrew

Webmaster: Ernie de Legh-Runciman

  • Proposed: Dan Jarvis
  • Seconded: Elis Farrell
  1. All voted in favour
    1. It was agreed that the responsibility of the website would be delegated to the position of Webmaster
    1. Peter Bennett brought up his position as Honorary President and all were in favour that he keep the title
  2. Dan moved on to the summer tour which did not happen in 2020 or 2021
    1. Tim Jones volunteered again to organise it in the York/Selby area.
    1. Dates confirmed to be Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th of September
  3. Len and Dan gave an update on the condition of SFX.
    1. Lillian suggested Dan write a more detailed report on SFX that could be distributed, to which he agreed.
  4. Dan confirmed that next year’s dinner will be held on 18th February 2023, and the AGM on the 19th.
    1. The committee confirmed the Mercure would be rebooked.
  5. Keith questioned whether recruitment could be done through the University guild.
    1. It was clarified that the society doesn’t have an affiliation with the guild and that having one would come with difficult stipulations.
    1. It was mentioned that the Penny Lane congregation could be a source for recruitment.
  6. Lillian thanked Dan for his work as master, and everyone who helped organize the dinner.
    1. This was met with agreement and echoed by Peter Robson and Dan.
  7. People were reminded of ringing at the Cathedral.
  8. The meeting was adjourned