2020 AGM minutes


  1. Claire Mitchell
  2. Len Mitchell
  3. Andrew Rawlinson
  4. Carrie Hyde
  5. Martyn Bristow
  6. Sophie Middleton
  7. Tim Jones
  8. Peter Robson
  9. Hamish Corfield
  10. Daniel Jarvis
  11. John Fraser
  12. Ann Pilgrim
  13. Mike Pilgrim
  14. Peter Bennett
  15. David Wilford
  16. Geoff Pullin
  17. Martin Bright
  18. Erne De Leigh Runciman
  19. Richard Andrew
  20. Elizabeth Heaton
  21. Richard Johnson

Liverpool University Society of Change Ringers Annual General Meeting – 16/02/2020

  1. Hamish welcomed everyone to the meeting
  2. Sophie announced the apologises for absence, which included
    • Kirsty Shaw
    • Malcolm Phillips
    • Chris Cooper
    • Emma Bull
    • Andrew Instone-Cowie
    • Geoff Sparling
    • Sue Sparling
    • Peter Burgess
    • Rachel Stanley
    • Ellis Farrell
  3. She the read out the minutes from the previous year’s meeting, and Richard Andrew requested that the “s” be removed from the end of his surname within the minutes
  4. Hamish read out his master’s report from the year and there were no questions raised regarding this
    • These were proposed as correct by Claire Mitchell and seconded by Peter Robson
    • All in favour
  5.  Sophie then read out her Treasurer’s report of the year. Key points included;
    • An increase in income from quarter peals and a profit made at the dinner
    • Decreases have come from paying the LUSCR website and for peal boards
    • Ann Pilgrim questioned where the funds from the raffle at the dinner were going and it was answered that they currently going into the general LUSCR fund account
    • Hamish proposed this report and Peter Robson seconded it
  6. General secretary, Claire, did not have a report but thanked Peter Bennett for the continued work on the Member’s list
    • Peter responded by stated that he wished more of the young people would take part with the list
    • Mike Pilgrim asked Peter how many members were on the list and Peter replied that there were over 200
  7. Martyn then talked about the CCCBR and that we pay less for membership as a society
    • He talked about VE Day plans on the 8th of May and the need for volunteers
    • Geoff Pullin suggested more control on the CCCBR charges
    • Martyn talked about the website being up to date
    • He suggested new trustees to be decided at the next meeting
    • John Fraser asked how much membership was and Sophie confirmed it was £40
    • Peter Robson confirmed that territorial societies pay fees whereas we do not because we have life membership  
    • Len Mitchell questioned whether there was a cut off for the number of representatives which Peter Robson replied that there was not
    • Ann Pilgrim asked how many representatives we have, and Ernie replied that the number of representatives is based on the size of the society
    • This was proposed by John Fraser and seconded by Richard Andrew
    • Peter Bennett made the observation that there was an ongoing issue at to what the definition of a member is for territorial societies, it is possibly people who attend events.
  8. Hamish then moved on to the election of new members of LUSCR’s committee

    Master: Daniel Jarvis

          • Proposed: Hamish Corfield
          • Seconded: Sophie Middleton

    Deputy Master: Carrie Hyde

          • Proposed: Claire Mitchell
          • Seconded: Peter Robson

    Secretary: Hamish Corfield

          • Proposed: Claire Mitchell
          • Seconded: Daniel Jarvis

    Treasurer: Ellis Farrell

          • Proposed: Sophie Middleton
          • Seconded: Claire Mitchell

    General Secretary: Andrew Rawlinson

          1. Proposed: Claire Mitchell
          2. Seconded: Peter Robson
    • All voted in favour
  9. Hamish went on to discuss the Summer Tour which did not happen in 2019
    • Tim Jones suggested he organise the 2020 tour in South Yorkshire which would be on the 8th-9th of August 2020
    • The dates were to be confirmed
  10. Peter Bennett then discussed his role as President and that he had been unofficially re-elected each year. He questioned whether or not this should continue, he said that he had consulted two people about this who has said that they did not want to change Peter’s role as President.
    • Ann Pilgrim confirmed that he was best suited to this role and confirmed that his duties lay in wisdom and consulting
    • Geoff Pullin said that Peter was the anchor for the Society  
    • Elizabeth Heaton likened Peter to the Society’s steady ship
    • Hamish thanked Peter for his many years as President
    • Peter Robson reflected on the meeting where Peter Bennett was first elected and that it was as recognition for his hard work and commitment to the society
    • The idea that Peter Bennett should remain as President was proposed by Mike Pilgrim and seconded by Peter Robson
    • All in favour
  11. Tim Jones questioned whether or not the LUSCR website was being maintained in 2020 
    • Claire Mitchell confirmed that there had been a miscommunication in the last year and that the committee will aim to fix this going forward
    • Tim emphasised the website’s importance because of the disbursement of ringers
    • Peter Robson furthered this by saying that those people who are not on social media often miss new items because they are not being posted to the website.
  12. Carrie Hyde questioned whether or not we could use funds to buy a Society Mascot
    • The idea was generally accepted, and Sophie confirmed that it is something that the committee should look into in 2020
  13. Sophie Middleton went on to talk about using funds to fix SFX ringing chamber
    • Tim Jones said that if it was a matter of safety then it needs to be done
    • Elizabeth Heaton warned that the LUSCR funds should not burn a hole in our pockets and be spent for the sake of it
    • Tim ones questioned whether the Church would help with costs
    • Dan Jarvis replied that he and Len Mitchell will have to speak to the Church due to the faculty requirements and will ask about this then
    • Elizabeth then asked about the peal books that are currently stored in SFX’s tower
    • Dan replied that they are in the intermediate chamber but are amongst a lot of rubbish and that David Thomas has been updating them
    • Tim confirmed that David had been uploading the records online
    • Elizabeth then questioned if there were appropriate shelving for the books
    • Dan replied that there were cupboards and that shelves were a possibility and something that he and Len would have to think about
  14. Mike Pilgrim raised the issue of badges which was confirmed to be something to think about
    • Len Mitchell raised the fact that Penny Lane is need of help and repair and that Roger Franks has ben in touch to say that the church building is going out of the jurisdiction of the Church of England later this year to Holy Trinity, Brompton.
    • He suggested taking Penny Lane over as an additional tower
    • Len did admit that there were already issues regarding the maintenance of SFX
    • Ernie said that he had spoken to Nick Willasey about spending money on this refurbishment
    • Sophie emphasised that there were a lot of students who lived in the vicinity of Penny Lane so it may be useful as a LUSCR tower
    • Peter Robson said that it would be quite an undertaking
    • John Fraser commented that it was rather out of the way of the University and Pier Head
    • Len said that perhaps the Liverpool Branch would offer support to Roger Franks
  15. Hamish confirmed that next year’s dinner was to be held on the 3rd Saturday in February on the 20th
    1. Claire commented that the way in which the beer worked this year went well
    2. Sophie confirmed that she would rebook the same venue and potentially up the number of guests due to the fact it would be the 60th dinner
  16. People were reminded that there is ringing at Liverpool Cathedral at 1.30pm
  17. Hamish thanked all for coming and adjourned the meeting